ANNIE VELEZ: Annie’s greatest passion is to teach Salsa ladies styling and partnering techniques catered more towards social dancing. She loves Latin dance and music. “When I have the privilege of being your dance instructor, I’ll give you tips on how you can enhance your foundation (basic salsa steps, body isolations, turns, simple footwork, body rolls, hand placement/styling, and more). My main objective is to help you feel more confident and sensual on the dance floor.”

Originally from California of Mexican-Puerto Rican descent, Annie has taught street style Latin dance for over 20 years. Loaded with very broad and diverse techniques, Annie’s style of teaching is more based on the foundation on how you should feel when dancing: confident, sensual, fun, and smooth.

JENNY GESKA: Jenny started dancing as soon as she learned to walk. Originally from the Boston area, her parents had her in classes at the age of two, and when she reached high school, she started teaching the younger children to help off set her tuition and assisting in her high school dance programs. She had a love for helping others learn to dance, even from early on. Before she even reached college she had won various awards and was offered various scholarships to Universities throughout the New England area. In 2000 she attended University of MA, Boston, where she entered the dance program. Not only was she bumped out of the program to an externship with The Boston Ballet, but she was asked to choreograph various pieces for the college dance team.

That same year, Jenny auditioned for, and landed a position as a dancer with Six Flags Inc. She assisted with choreographing and performing in various stunt, dance, and magic shows across the Nation. Her diverse experience as a performer continued to grow, as did her passion to coach others on what had so dynamically shaped her life. This has helped her help learn to teach people to love their bodies, their relationships with dance, and to learn in the ways which work best for them.